Nearly 3 weeks into the start of the 2012 season and we are all over the board once again. The   Captain has discovered the fountain of youth as he has taken off like Saturn V rocket!  Raul Ibanez is adjusting to the Bronx quite nicely with a couple of tape measure home runs and the Grandymanlooks like he is will duplicate last season’s performance.

On the other side of the coin the pitching is not what we would like it to be at the moment. C.C.’outings have not been what we expect, Kuroda, great at the home opener and very forgettable vs the Twins, Phil Hughes and it pains me to say this, just stinks right now.  Freddy needs to step up his game if he doesn’t want to lose his spot in the rotation to Andy the P and I still do not see Soriano being content and accepting his role as the 7th inning guy and buying into the TEAM concept. Can’t help thinking how much better we may have been with Joba, pre-trampoline.

We just lost Brett “The Gazelle” Gardner to the 15 day DL after making a great diving catch against the Twins. We now have to watch the defensively challenged Andruw Jones, Eduardo Nunez and a mildly better defensive player in Ibanez fill his shoes.


can't think of a better time to head north to Boston for the season’s 1st meeting between the Yankees/Highlanders and Redsox, while helping celebrate Fenway’s 100th birthday!

No matter how much we gripe about our day to day issues in the Bronx, it all pales in comparison to what the Ginger Nation is going through. As we watch the soap opera, “As Fenway Burns” You have the Bobby V vs. Youk and Pedrioa main event that will not go away. These problems are being compounded by the Boston media and The Bloody Sock, who continue to instigate the discord in the clubhouse. I love it! Where is the new Alec Baldwin commercial?


Sign on with Yankee Roll Call and ride the 2012 baseball season roller coaster to championship #28!


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