Spring Training 2012

Brian Cashman and the Yankee front office have kicked it into overdrive in the last few weeks leading up to the opening of camp. We have the departure of Jorge Posada to retirement and Cash has a stalker who wants to blackmail him with crazy steroid stories. Then there is the new Arod diet in which he travels with his special cooler full of goodies that he has local restaurants heat up and serve to him. Ahh, the Bronx Zoo again! Let me first start off by saying that they have made a strong attempt to address the areas of major concern with this team (i.e. starting pitching and a clutch hitting outfielder to platoon and DH).

Starting pitcher has been upgraded by the trade for Pineda and the signing of Kuroda. Pineda is a young pitcher with a big arm well worth the price paid for him. Monterro was a nice hitter but at the end of the day we could not have him as our fulltime DH and his defense would have been 3rd , possibly 4th best on the team. So Monterro fans, I'm sorry, but this was the right move- Pineda will be a great Yankee.

We also say goodbye to A.J., who we traded to the Pirates for a bag of balls and agreed to pick up about 20 million dollars of his contract to have him go away. This I have a problem with. Yes A.J. has had his problems but at least get SOMETHING besides two prospects who have little chance of ever making it to the show.

On the other side of the diamond the Yankees have been awarded the "Value Deal" of the offseason with the signing of Raul Ibanez. For starters, the New York Yankees should not be striving to be bargain shoppers. We spend. That's how George has built his team. So what I'm really getting at here is don't cry broke after paying A.J. a ton of cash to go away and not be willing to sign Johnny Damon who is a MUCH better and proven fit for Yankee Stadium than Ibanez. All that said, I do hope Ibanez turns out to be successful, but for a little more money Damon was the way to go.

The Yankees are also bringing back Andruw Jones and 3rd baseman Eric Chavez for one year deals. Lou Piniella joins the YES Network and will do studio work as well stints in the broadcast booth this year. Welcome home Sweet Lou! This rounds out all the highlighted moves so far this spring. As always, tighten your seatbelts- we are in for one hell of a roller coaster ride!

Don't go Mo!

Stay with Yankee Roll Call all season long as we follow the Bombers on their way to number 28. Stay tuned to for the return of the highly anticipated weekly show.



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